Gorgeous Tattoo Inspired Beaded Patches By Running Fox Beads

Skye Paul, Running Fox Beads, is a Dene artist based in Toronto. As a full-time mom and a part-time beader she operates a solo business that aims to reclaim cultural practices by blending traditional elements with pop culture references into her beadwork.

According to the Yahoo Lifestyle article Meet 8 Indigenous Beaders Who Are Modernizing Their Craft, Skye learned beadwork from her aunt Candyce who in turn learned the craft from Paul’s setsune Catherine (setsune means grandmother in Dene).

I started when I was 15, but only rediscovered beading after I finished my maternity leave with my first son, who my business is named after,” Paul says.

I use the techniques that were passed down by family, such as using a two-needle–and-thread technique to make patches.

Take one look at Running Fox Bead‘s Instagram feed and you’ll immediately be struck by the gorgeous beaded patches that were inspired by old school (American Traditional) tattoo designs. Skye takes familiar tattoo designs: like roses, mom hearts, and skulls, and adds a refreshing twist by incorporating elements of traditional Dene medicines like cedar, sweetgrass, and sage.

Click on images below for larger versions:

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